Discover the Investigative Analysis Process

Inundated with information and demands for swift turnarounds, most legal professionals seek outsourced solutions, including investigations.  But are you receiving accurate information and analysis required to represent your client?

In the Certified Investigative Legal Professional Program you will learn the Investigative Analysis Process to empower you to conduct or manage comprehensive investigations.  You’ll learn how to start your investigation, identify information sources, debrief witnesses, and review law enforcement reports and other records to add value to your case in all areas of litigation, representing any party (plaintiff or defendant).  

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I highly recommend the CILP course for legal professionals

Scott L

I highly recommend the CILP course for legal professionals involved in criminal defense, personal injury, and wrongful death cases. It is also beneficial in any complex litigation. The course was presented very well, was thorough in its coverage of the subject, and provided great hands-on examples to reinforce the concepts. The process is easily repeated across cases and can be used as a standard method to review every case. It stresses the preparation and attention to detail needed in a legal review or investigation. Len is a great instructor and this is the best CLE course I've taken in a long time. It is well worth the tuition. I highly recommend this course to legal professionals seeking to "up their game" in dealing with complex cases. I've been involved in criminal justice and litigation support for 30+ years and I learned things from this course that helps me every day. Scott L. - Arkansas

Legal Up Attendee Testimonial

"Len was a fantastic speaker! His presentation was fascinating, easy to absorb, chock-full of helpful tips & advice, really opened my eyes up to the foundational elements, planning & structure needed for successful investigation"

Legal Up Attendee Testimonial

"great presentation! really informative! all law office support personnel should be required to view this presentation."

Legal Up Attendee Testimonial

"The session was really informative. It presented techniques I have been using instinctively, but I know I will be able to refine them using this new information."

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